MLB Card Breaks Are the Exciting New Way to Collect Your Cards


Card collecting is a timeless hobby that has been around for generations. There is something special about collecting cards from your favorite team and players. Cards such as these can evoke memories of wonderful moments from the past. Many people purchase packs with the hope of pulling a rare card. This can be a lot of fun because you have the surprise and anticipation of not knowing what you will get.

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However, it is not guaranteed that you will get a card that you like with traditional packs. Some people prefer to purchase specific cards directly from hobbyists and resellers. However, this can be expensive and is not as much fun. What if there was something that combined the best of both worlds? MLB card breaks by Surefire Breaks has an innovative solution. Check out this video to what a card break looks like.

Card breaks are when a seller purchases a large lot of cards at a discount. The breaker then opens packs one at a time and sells the rights to certain card pulls to people like you and me. Sometimes people purchase certain slots in the pack opening order. Other times, people choose a team and are guaranteed any player from that team. This means that you still don’t know what you are getting, but you know that you will be getting a player(s) from your favorite team. It truly is an innovative and fun way of collecting cards.


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