You Need These Golf Cart Maintenance Service Tips


Golf carts, like any other vehicle, should be driven properly and serviced regularly to lengthen their lifespan. If you have one, it’s good to know certain golf cart maintenance service tips, as highlighted in the video.

You’ll find the owner’s manual in your new cart that’ll show you how to care for your cart. Observe all the traffic rules. Avoid driving on steep hills, starting, and stopping suddenly, and turning abruptly.

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Ensure the batteries are always charged properly. Also, check the battery water levels regularly. If the cart runs on fuel, ensure it’s off and the engine is cool when you’re fueling it. Never smoke while charging batteries, or fueling the cart, and keep it away from flames and sparks.

Use only cleaning products recommended for cleaning your golf cart. Clean any muck as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains. Ensure the batteries are fully charged and check the batteries’ water levels before storing the cart in a protected area. Also, ensure the tires are always properly inflated.

Observe the golf car maintenance service guidelines and take it for a thorough service to an authorized dealer annually to avoid major problems. For more information on maintaining your cart, refer to the owner’s manual.


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