5 Things to Consider When Choosing Poker Run Boats


For many years, fishing has remained a popular outdoor activity in the United States. In 2016, it was ranked as the second most popular outdoor activity in the country. However, some other outdoor activities and events are gaining attention. One of them is the poker run, which is an event that involves powerful boats and other means of transport competing in an event.

If you are not enthusiastic about fishing, you can consider poker runs as an important outdoor event to undertake. However, for you to be registered in a poker run, you must have a poker run boat. So, what criterion is used in choosing the best poker run boats for an event?

1. Size of the Boats

At any poker run event, the size of the poker run boats is highly considered. The entire event involves making a market in five or more areas during competition. With a small boat, you will be able to outmaneuver other poker run boats in the event. However, small poker run boats are not accepted in the event. You must make sure that you have a larger boat, preferably more than 30 feet. This is what makes the whole event worthwhile.

2. Engine Performance

When you are looking for a boat for sale that will be used in poker runs, you need to make sure that you evaluate the performance of the engine. It is a competition and the more powerful your engine, the higher the chances of winning the event. However, you should make sure that you have the right engine power. Too much engine power could be detrimental in poker runs as you could pass the market zones.

3. Streamlined Body

Boats for sale will always have a streamlined body. In most cases, all the bodies you will come across in the industry will have a streamlined body so that they can penetrate in water. However, this streamlining is not enough. You need to look for a sharper boat that is narrow and significantly streamlined. This is the only way you will be able to compete in poker runs. With pointed ends, it will be easier for you to make significant distance coverage within a short period.

4. Metal Floor/Aluminum Floor

This is an important factor that you should pay huge attention to. The floor of the poker boat you will be having will have significant impacts on the success you will have in the event. In most cases, most of the boats that you will come across will have wooden floors. These floors are good if you are looking for a fishing boat.

In most cases, fishing pontoon boats have wooden floors so that they can hold all the fish that has been collected from the sea. However, for poker runs, you need to have metal or aluminum, which will make your boat lighter. With wooden floors, you will have a heavy boat that will not be able to compete.

5. Age of the Boat

Age of the boat is another important factor that you should put into consideration when looking for poker boats. While in search for poker run boat, you will come across used boats for sale, which is cheaper and has met all the conditions discussed above. However, you must make sure that you analyze their age. A used boat could have reduced performance, which will have significant impacts on your success in poker runs. However, well maintained used boats can be used for poker runs without major problems.

As you can see, poker runs are an important outdoor activity that you can undertake this summer with the right poker boat. There are many poker run boats out there in the industry. However, your success in the event will only depend on the type of boat you have at hand. Use these strategies to select the best poker run boat.

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