5 Tips Every Beginner Golfer Should Know


Golf remains extremely popular throughout the world. In fact, golf is one of only two sports to ever be played on the moon. Considering the popularity of this sport, it makes sense that many want to take up playing golf. Therefore, many wise beginning golfers want to learn how to play this sport safely. With that in mind, here are five tips that every beginning golfer should follow.

  1. Spend Time at the Range First

    Before thinking about playing on a course, consider visiting the driving range. This is a great place for beginners to fine tune their stances and swings. In addition, you don’t have to worry about potentially holding up other player’s games while on the actual course. The driving range is only there for beginners. Many golfers utilize the driving range throughout their time spent playing this sport.
  2. Wear Sticky Gloves

    You might have heard of these gloves used among football players. While these gloves work well for holding a football, these items also benefit golfers. Whether using special gloves or Tacky golf grips, either is a wise decision. Nothing is more embarrassing than hitting a club, only to have it go flying out of your hands. In order to avoid these situations, you’ll definitely want to consider wearing sticky gloves.
  3. Find a Low Par Course in Your Area

    In the game of golf, par is the average amount of swings it takes to complete a hole. Beginning golfers can find the pace of large golf courses understandably daunting. With that in mind, considering finding a low par golf course. For instance, there are many par 3 golf courses throughout the country. This means that each hole is a par 3, meaning a shorter overall game. This also gives you considerable time to work on your putting. Statistics show that the longest putt made in history reached almost 375 feet. Fortunately, you’ll be able to work with putting greens that are much smaller than that.
  4. Avoid Being Discouraged

    It’s important to note that success in any area of life takes time. This is no different while playing the game of golf. In order for many professional players to get this level, it takes a lot of time and practice. With that in mind, don’t expect your first several games to go perfectly. It simply might take you longer to get the hang of golf. However, this period of learning eventually goes away with time.
  5. Play with Experienced Friends

    Many new to golf find it helpful to experience this game with friends. You might have friends that are fairly knowledgeable in this sport. In turn, you can learn quite a bit about playing your first few rounds with these players. You might even find that this turns into a lifetime of having golf buddies. This is also far less expensive than hiring a golf tutor.

In closing, there are several tips that every beginning golfer should know. You’ll find that a lot of your golf skills are determined by the products you use. It’s important to purchase a nice set of quality golf clubs. In order to give these clubs safe, you’ll want to wear consider wearing sticky gloves. While it’s true that the chances of hitting two holes in one are one in 64 million, there’s no telling where your skills will take you. With that in mind, think of golf as a learning experience that is meant to be enjoyed. Before too long, you might end up teaching others how to play this game.

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