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Phantom camera software

Science and technology has continued to increase over the years. The advancements have continued to improve and to allow research to be taken to levels that have greatly increased the scientific world. The tools that are used to do research have also advanced, making the research of higher quality. For example, the usage of photo taking techniques have improved, allowing scientists to take greater quality, closer images and more detailed images of their research subjects. A super slow motion camera allows scientists to never miss any minor or major detail of their subject that they are studying.

There are different types of images that a scientist might need to take during research. They may be photographing something that it not moving, making it easier to get closer, clear images. However, most of the time, they are filming subjects that are moving, making it even more important to get every slide and every angle during each and every move that the subject makes. Motion pictures taken at several thousand pictures per second are usually sufficient for analysis and observation of most motions encountered in industrial products and production. For example, when a motion picture taken at 3000 frames per second is viewed at about standard projection speed, 16 frames per second, the recorded action will be viewed at approximately 1/200 of its actual speed.

Slow motion cameras also allow scientists and researchers to film entire subjects, without having to pick and choose when to snap the camera. A super slow motion camera is one that is slowed down as much as possible to ensure that every single movement is captures. Each movement can be important to the research at hand. Phantom cameras are higher quality cameras, it is a super slow motion camera that is used for vision research.

In a review of the Phantom P Flex4k, customers indicated the need for scaled 2k files while maintaining the full sensor?s 35mm image format. The product was updates to combine this functionality with a new dual save option, which enables the user to automatically save a 4K Raw plus 2K or 4K ProRes 422 HQ version of each shot, at the push of a button.

A high speed camera that is used for research often has high standards to ensure the research is being conducted properly. In research conducted by the Department of Physics and Space Sciences at Florida Tech, the team?s requirements for resolution, speed and light sensitivity led them directly to the Phantom V1210. At its full resolution, the camera can capture images at up to 12,600 frames per second. The high frame rate camera is very hard to compare to anything else for its purpose.

Science and research have improved and advanced greatly over the last few years. Scientists need specific and high quality equipment to ensure that their images and their research are of the best quality. Cameras are very important to their research and a super slow motion camera allows them to capture every single shot of a non moving or a moving object. The phantom cameras are of the highest quality and are the most preferred and commonly used slow motion cameras that are used by scientists and researchers.

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