Education and Athletics Often Go Hand in Hand


With a combination of some in person teaching and online lessons, teachers are finding themselves stretched even thinner than they have in the past. This means that families will need to play an even more integral role in the education that their children will receive. Likewise, the young athletes of this world may find themselves even more dependent on the resources their parents can provide. For example, when a school announces that they will not have any fall sports because of the Covid 19 pandemics, many high school and college athletes may find themselves at a loss. Those students who have parents who can afford rolled and shaved bats and the best coaches will still be able to practice their skills, while those athletes who often have the fewest available resources may find themselves slipping further and further behind, not only on the playing field but in the classroom as well.

It is no secret that athletics and activities are major motivators for many high school and college age students. Knowing that they have a coach and often an entire team holding them accountable for remaining academically eligible, in fact, is the kind of motivation that many athletes need to succeed in both the classroom and on the competition field.

When the Gap Between the Have’s and Have Not’s Gets Even Wider

For the parents who make a habit of finding the best athletic coaches and academic tutors and are willing to invest in the best rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats and baseball bats, their students and athletes are at a major advantage. At the same time, those students without those resources may find themselves in nearly desperate situations. Finding the motivation to complete the needed academic work without the motivation provided by athletics. Finding the best way to navigate these challenging times is important, but it is even more important for those who faces the biggest challenges.

The season of sports are limiting as it is, but in a time when the entire fall season is being eliminated right now, it is important to know that there are many people being risked. The mere fact that shaved bats do not do well in cold temperatures means that athletes are not to use their shaved bat if it is colder than 65 degrees outside. But what about those athletes who do not have access to these kinds of training equipment? As one group of parents are able to purchase shaved bats and rolled bats there are parents who are working nearly around the clock to just make rent or house payments. Those athletes who are able to access not only the shaved bats and a rescued season are, in fact, gaining leaps and bounds over those who do not have the same accessibility to these resources. Unless the nation finds a way to even the playing field we will come out of this pandemic as a nation so divided we may never recover.
Fortunately, in times of great challenges there are individuals who will step up to fill in the gaps even when the federal and local governments do not. And while the difference in the kind of access to athletic equipment may seem immaterial, it is important to note that no one should be arguing about the academic inequities that exist. It will, in fact, likely be the best individuals in this country who will step up to help students during these most difficult of times. Filling in for parents who cannot afford to miss a work shift to monitor their students who have no option but remote learning is one of the greatest needs. As both individuals and churches work to fill these gaps, there is a chance that others will follow these noble efforts. An investment of time today will pay the largest of dividends in the future. Are you willing to do your part? Are you willing to help provide the supervision and guidance that so many of the nation’s most vulnerable students and athletes need. Now is the time to turn your words into actions and help with the difficulties the most vulnerable are facing.

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