Planning a Trip to Alaska


One of the last states to join the Union, Alaska stands as a popular vacation site for Americans along with Hawaii, but these two states are popular for very different reasons. While Hawaii offers tropical weather and snorkeling, Alaska is a popular site for fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and appreciating the calm, expansive wilderness of the icy tundra and beautiful forests and rivers, and wildlife such as bears and foxes may be appealing to watch by nature enthusiasts. For those visiting Alaska for its fishing opportunities, a person planning a trip to this northern state can enter “alaska fishing packages all inclusive” into a search engine to find the right Alaskan fishing lodges open for booking, and a person planning to fish in the busy season may need to plan ahead and book something early. “alaska fishing packages all inclusive” is not the only thing to look for; Alaska may offer opportunities for legal game hunting as well, in a massive state nearly free of human settlements. And for those who just want to see the sights rather than hunt something, an Alaska all inclusive package my involve a hotel and meals, a hot tub, local tourism buses and guided tours, and more. An all inclusive trip to Alaska can be a chilly but thrilling adventure for any outdoor lover, and there is plenty to see and do in this state, fishing or not.

Alaska and American Vacations

Unsurprisingly, Americans today love to travel, and there are some statistics to show how often people visit exotic sites and when. The domestic travel industry is massive to match this popular activity, and between guided tours, driving buses, airplane terminal staff, and much more, the domestic travel industry supports around 7.6 million American jobs. In fact, domestic travelers account for nearly 85% of the total travel expenditures in the United States today, and people travel more than ever. It is believed that domestic travel within the U.S. grew by 1.9% in the year 2017, which totals to 2.25 billion personal trips taken.

Where does Alaska fit into all this? While the warm beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii are often the first thing American picture for a vacation (and most Americans do want to visit beaches more than anything else), Alaska receives its fair share of travelers ever year. Whether these guests are looking for Alaskan fishing vacations or hunting trips, or if they enjoy outdoor sports like mountain biking or wildlife watching, Alaska gets many visitors each year. In 2016, for example, 79% of those traveling to Alaska did so for pleasure (and may have searched “alaska fishing packages all inclusive” for this), 13% went there to visit family and friends, 5% traveled there for business purposes, and 3% went there for both business and pleasure alike.

Those who visit Alaska will often vouch for its beauty as a vacation spot. In fact, about 29% of those who visit this state say that the trip was much higher in pleasure than their expectations, and 36% say that it was somewhat higher than their expectations. Around 32% of visitors there say that the trip was just as they expected, and only a slim 2% have said that their trip to Alaska was lower than their expectations. Similarly, those who visit Alaska are nearly always satisfied their trip and happy about their time there. Nearly 75% of all visitors claim to be very satisfied with their trip, 23% were satisfied, and a tiny minority, 1%, were dissatisfied with their Alaska vacation.

What can a person expect from this state? Someone who searches “alaska fishing packages all inclusive” will want a lodge, big or small, that is close to good fishing spots, such as ice fishing. “alaska fishing packages all inclusive” may even mean setting up camp in a small, authentic log cabin for those looking for a properly rustic visit rather than an expensive hotel’s amenities, and such guests will certainly get the most out of Alaska’s rugged wilderness. Others who are visiting more for the local attractions and wildlife watching may find more conventional hotels with modern features, and visit local wildlife sites and historic settlements and modern attractions in cities like Juneau and Anchorage. Museums and day cruises are also available for those interested.

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