Starting The New Year Off With A Softball Game The Benefits Of Rolled Softball Bats For Your Swing


It’s a new year filled with possibility. You’ve been considering picking up a new sport, but are overwhelmed by all the options on display. When in doubt…look at the classics.

Baseball and softball are the all-time greatest American sports. While football and basketball pull in larger numbers, there’s just something about the white ball and wooden bat that brings back nostalgia. Picking up baseball is easy enough to do, especially when you have a friend or family member enjoying the experience along with you. If you’ve already played before, however, and want to step things up a notch? A bat shaving service will do the trick nicely.

Rolled softball bats (also known as doctored bats) are a great way to improve your swing and improve your confidence. Here’s how it works.

Baseball Is Still A Popular Sport Among Several Demographics

It’s not just Little League that pulls in large audiences. Millions of fans still flock out to watch their favorite games year after year, with particularly large stadiums located in New York City and Boston. There’s nothing like seeing a home run swing and feeling the entire world burst into excitement. Recreating this delightful experience is easier with a bat shaving service on your side. These will give your swing more pop and ensure you’re always getting good range.

Just One Game Can Give You A Seriously Good Workout

Each sport has its own unique health benefits. Swimming is considered a full-body workout, for starters, and dancing is particularly good for beefing up your thighs. When you play baseball, you get a nice cardiovascular boost due to the combination of swinging and running. Baseball also requires you have a strong attention for detail, such as hitting the ball or catching it far in the field. If you’re worried about your health lately, sign up for baseball this year and worry no more!

Improving Your Swing Takes A Few Different Tools

It’s important to note that no single piece of equipment can improve your swing. It’s a combination of all these factors that give you a strong end result. Rolled softball bats pair nicely with some hand powder, essential for pushing away a sweaty grip. If you bought a mitt and feel it’s too stiff, do some practice rounds before the game to soften it up. Last, but certainly not least, make sure you’ve got good fitting shoes — shoes that are too loose or too tight can kill a game before it even starts.

Bat Shaving Services Are An Offshoot Of Traditional Baseball Games

You may be wondering what bat shaving even entails. How do you ‘shave’ or ‘roll’ a bat? As it stands, baseball bat shaving and rolling services are very similar to what Major League baseball players deal with — their equipment is honed to a razor’s edge before each game by dedicated professionals. Today it’s easy to access bat shaving services if you want to give your next match an edge. Make sure not to try this at home, as it can be very dangerous attempting to pull apart a bat with DIY tools.

Rolled And Shaved Baseball Bats Will Need Unique Maintenance

Thinking of adding rolled softball bats to your next game? Make sure to write down these next notes so you can keep your equipment working properly. Shaved bats don’t do well in cold temperatures, thanks to the hollow interior creating a more brittle exterior. If it’s colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit outside (and won’t get any warmer), it’s best to leave your rolled bats at home. When storing them, wrap them up in something warm so they don’t get brittle overnight.

The sky’s the limit! Start your new year off the right way and add some rolled softball bats to your repertoire.

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