The Benefits of Using Shaved or Rolled Baseball Bats


Many sports today are distinctive because of the equipment that players use during gameplay, such as hockey sticks, golf clubs, and tennis racquets. Meanwhile, baseball is another major sport that attracts many followers, especially in the United States and Japan across the Pacific Ocean. This sport is well known for its use of baseball bats and leather catcher’s mitts, and any player, amateur or pro, will need them. A catcher’s mitt is one thing; getting a proper baseball bat is another. These bats may be either wooden (often ash wood) or metal, and these bats may be modified to alter their performance. Rolled bats may strike balls further than regular ones, and a bat shaving service may offer doctored bats with metal bodies. These shaved fastpitch softball bats are not legal for tournament use, but shaved fastpitch softball bats may be fun to use in casual games where league rules are not enforced. When might someone approach baseball bat roller services or find shaved fastpitch softball bats for sale?

Shaving a Baseball Bat

Some baseball bats today are made not of ash wood, but out of metal. These bats have hollow bodies with padding inside them, and shaved fastpitch softball bats are those that have had some of that padding removed. Anyone interested in bat shaving may look up such a service nearby, then bring their bat along with them to the site. Here, the baseball bat’s end cap is removed to expose the hollow interior, and the bat is placed on an assembly on a carbide grinder table. The bat is slowly fed to a rotating grinder surface, which will then grind away a few ounces of padding material inside the bat as desired. Once this is done, the end cap is put back on, and the bat is ready for use.

These shaved fastpitch softball bats are not tournament legal, as mentioned above, but then again, they may be great fun for use in casual games, or just during practice. With the right amount of material removed, these bats can strike balls further than regular metal bats. Care should be taken when making or using shaved fastpitch softball bats, though. If too much material is shaved away, the bats become too fragile for use. No material should be removed from the handle, or the bat may even shatter during a game. Finally, players should refrain from using doctored bats like these in temperatures lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or they may suffer some problems. It is best to use these shaved fastpitch softball bats for casual games in warm weather.

Rolling a Wooden Baseball Bat

There are other options for making or buying a doctored baseball bat, and that includes rolled bats for sale. What does this mean? Being made of natural wood, these bats have fibers that will bend and break as the bat is used, and after a few hundred strikes, a bat is fully broken in. A fully broken-in bat can strike balls further than a fresh new bat, and that is to be desired. But some players may choose to expedite this process, and that means turning to bat rolling services.

Someone interested in bat rolling may have their wooden bat placed in a series of pressurized rollers, and once the bat passed through a few times, its fibers have been bent and broken properly. This allows a wooden bat to perform as though it has been broken in naturally, but in much less time. These rolled bats may be used in casual games or during practice, since they are not allowed in tournament games. A player might use a rolled wooden bat as a stand-in for their prized natural bats, if they do not want to risk their prized bats during practice (bats have been known to break).

Rolled bats may be identified by sight at tournaments, and players are discouraged from using rolled bats there. They should also take care when rolling the bats, since too much rolling or pressure might break the bat entirely. Some customers, meanwhile, might choose to simply find and buy pre-rolled bats that are ready for use.

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