These 5 Types of People Should Invest in an ATV Are You One of Them?


Alternative modes of transportation have been on a steady incline. Four hundred seventy-two thousand motorcycles were sold in 2017 alone. While 41,000 all-terrain vehicles—like dirt bikes— were purchased the same year between January and March.

One of the most popular brands, Polaris, makes up 33% of the ATV market share.

And for good reason. However, to make sure investing in an ATV is the right decision for you, continue reading before you start calling the closest general ATV dealer.

Who will enjoy dirt biking?

These five groups of people will love the experience of dirt biking and could benefit from learning more about Polaris dealers in the area and how to acquire a bike of their own.


Families can benefit greatly by implementing ATV riding as a source of quality family time. The downside, however, is that your children must be of age—no younger than 16—to participate. So while this is great for families with teens, you may have to wait a few years if your children are underaged.


Dirt biking or ATV riding differs from motorcycling in a few ways. But the biggest difference is that you’ll have a lot more freedom on a track than you do service roads and highways.

The thrill and excitement is still there and translates well from the road to a dirt path.

In fact, it may be amplified.

Thrill seekers

If you love the wind in your face, and the thrill of learning something new, learning to ride an ATV can be your next adventure.

The outdoorsy type of person

If camping, hiking, and fishing are your favorite activities, why not add ATV biking onto that list? You’ll be spending time in the outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, while also having an incredible time on your bike.

The fitness buff

If fitness is a huge part of your life, you may want to consider dirt biking and ATV riding as alternative forms of exercise.

It’s vastly different from the gym, but the new environment and change of pace are sure to spice up your routine. Dirt biking works several muscle groups at once. For example, straddling the bike for a prolonged period of time will work your leg muscles. Specifically, the quadriceps and the hamstrings. Balancing on the seat will give your core a powerful and effective workout as well. So if you’re tired of the treadmill, consider dirt biking as another way to get your heart pounding and your whole body moving.

Safety Considerations

Of course, just because these groups and individuals are best suited for ATV riding, this doesn’t mean they can get away with ignoring safety precautions. Everyone from the seasoned expert to the eager beginner should follow these instructions.

  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Never ride under the influence
  • Watch over your younger and more inexperienced riders
  • The Final Step: Finding Polaris Dealers Near You

    If you feel like you fit into one or more of these categories, an ATV may be the perfect alternative mode of transportation, exercise, and entertainment for you.

    Of course, making that decision is one thing, but making the big purchase is another. Find Polaris dealers in your area. ATV dealers can find the perfect bike for you, and help you stock up on all the additional equipment you may need.

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