Tips for River Rafting the Grand Canyon


river rafting the Grand CanyonIf you like whitewater rafting, you are not alone. Nearly, 30% of all Americans enjoy it. For many people who enjoy the outdoors, the idea of river rafting the Grand Canyon is a trip of a lifetime. There are some things that you can do to make your trip really great. It is so popular that there is a waiting list for permits. If you do get to go, you want your trip to be really special.

Tips for River Rafting the Grand Canyon

  1. Drink plenty of water
    While you will be on a river, you are in a very arid environment and your body will need all the water you can manage to drink. the National Park Service (NPS) recommends drinking at least 64 ounces every day. You will work up a sweat so drink more than you think you need. They say by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated so drink up! Plus it can get very hot on the Colorado River so between the dry air, your extortion from rafting and the heat makes keeping hydrated a priority. Just do not drink from the river itself, that water is not safe for people to drink.
  2. Do not forget your sunscreen
    Not only will it be sunny for your trip river rafting the Grand Canyon but the sun reflects off of the river to give you a double dose of exposure. Even if you do not normally burn, you need to be careful when you are on the river. Bring along some aloe vera as well. Your skin will thank you for it later.
  3. Enjoy the nightlife
    Yes, there is one of sorts. Relax under the stars. After your day of river rafting the Grand Canyon, you will need your rest. Sit back and enjoy the stars. The skyline of the canyon in a great backdrop. Few sites are as grand as the sunrise and sunset over the Grand Canyon.
  4. If you camp, leave nothing behind
    The NPS does not offer any trash removal in any of its parks. Therefore, campers need to remove all organic and inorganic waste. They recommend camping near the river in a space where the tide comes in and offer visitors locations where nature can take care of some of your waste for you. If you notice some trash that other campers left, take that with you, too. This way the river and park can stay pristine for future visitors.
  5. Have a solar powered shower
    If you are camping for your trip river rafting the Grand Canyon, you can buy a bag for your shower. You fill the bag with water and the sun heats it up so you can have hot water after your day on the river. This makes bathing on your camping trip a lot more fun and enjoyable.
  6. Go with a river guide
    If you do not know much about the Grand Canyon, you will learn a lot from your guide. learning about the history and landscape is one of the more fun parts of taking part of river rafting the Grand Canyon. This is what makes people feel more connected to the river and landscape of the Desert Southwest.

Rafting the Colorado River is a wonderful exercise, too. Someone who weighs 155 pounds will burn 352 calories an hour. For a 180 pound person, that number goes up to 409 calories each hour of rafting. You can enjoy scenery while working out, that is a win/win.

Regardless of your your plan your trip, you will treat yourself to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. The Grand Canyon is beautiful all year round. Each season has its own unique character and special qualities. River trips are fun for the whole family. These can be amazing bonding experience for friends or family.

People who take a trip river rafting the Grand Canyon, find they sense a connection to the river and the history. Geologists say that the rock in the canyon is 1.75 billion years old. They estimate that the Colorado River broke free of the canyon about five million years ago.

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