Under 26 Stars: 10 Young MLB Players to Watch This Postseason


custom phillies jerseyAnother magical MLB regular season is in the books and it’s time for October baseball! The MLB postseason is finally here, and it’s time for every player to perform to the best of their ability. During this past year, Aaron Judge eclipsed everyone else in the league and was the number one selling jersey in all of baseball.

Following number 99, a few Cubs jerseys made the list with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, Klayton Kershaw’s Dodgers jersey, and Bryce Harper’s number 34 Nationals jersey.

Only a select few teams have the pleasure of playing in the postseason, so there won’t be too many Odubel Herrera, Freddy Galvis, or other custom Phillies jerseys being worn, but that’s okay — it’s still a great time for ball. Although not too many custom Phillies jerseys will be donned this postseason, fans across all of baseball will be rooting for teams that aren’t their home team this October.

Approximately 23.4 million people will be watching the World Series on TV at the end of this month, but millions more will be enjoying the talents of some of the word’s best players during each postseason series. These young stars will likely shine for the next few weeks, leading to an increase in jersey sales across the country and the world. Here are some of the MLB players that are on track to have some memorable postseason performances.

  • Mookie Betts — The best right fielder in the league should have a lot of fun this season.
  • Carlos Correa — One of the best young shortstops in the MLB, Correa will help Houston all month long.
  • Gary Sanchez — Though Judge is the big star in NY, Sanchez is just as talented.
  • Byron Buxton — A defensive phenom with some amazing skills at the bat and on the base paths, Buxton will give the Twins the best chance they have this year.
  • Francisco Lindor — Another amazing shortstop, Lindor will look to do what Cleveland couldn’t do last year.
  • Javier Baez — If the Cubs are going to repeat as champs, they will likely rely on Baez.
  • Trea Turner — Turner’s speed and defensive skill will take some pressure off Harper and give the Nationals an edge.
  • Nolan Arenado — The MLB RBI leader three years in a row, Arenado is already on track to becoming a Hall of Famer.
  • Robbie Ray — One of the most exciting young pitchers in the postseason and in all of baseball, Ray gives Arizona their best chance at winning the World Series.
  • Corey Seager — Another all-star young shortstop in the postseason, the NL Rookie of the Year will look to give LA its first World Series victory since 1988.

If you want to check out some custom Phillies jerseys or any of these postseason heroes, watch and enjoy the games.

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