What Type of Waders Are Right for You?


There are a few things that you need to know when it comes to choosing the right waterproof waders. A few obvious bits of information include the exact size you need as well as whether the waders you are considering offer a true fit. It also helps to know how long waders will last for fishing. The average life-span for fishing waders that have had moderate wear as well as care is up to three years.

Many modern anglers include young adults and ladies. There is a great call for waterproof waders that fit many shapes and sizes too. It stands to reason that womens fishing waders would fit different than men’s fishing waders. Whether you are looking for heavy duty waders, camo hunting waders, frogg toggs waders or hip waders you will find a great selection from distributors that specialize in providing a wide selection of outdoor fishing and hunting waders. One thing different types of waders share, is the need to be waterproof and comfortable for some serious fishing.

Understand What You Need to Consider When Purchasing Waterproof Waders

Where and how do you plan to use your waterproof waders? There is no absolute ideal set of waders for every climate or condition. Heavy-duty neoprene waders could over-heat you in the summer yet feel just right during cooler seasons. Don a pair when wading across the river to catch your favorite smallmouth bass.

Do you want to fish during the summer? Then light hip waterproof waders are an ideal choice for those shallow creeks when you want to fish in comfort. Otherwise you will find more value and ease while angling for the biggest catch in deeper waters wearing waders of the more heavy-duty variety.

Keep your wader selections in-tune with the seasons. The cooler seasons of autumn and spring call for insulated waders in all waters with the exception of some of the warmest. Seasons that tend to get heated call for lightweight, breathable waders. Of course, you don’t want to wear hip waders for deep water wading since they just don’t cover enough.

What Type of Wader Materials Are Best?

There are at least four types of wader materials including canvas, rubber breathable materials and neoprene. Each type of material has its own unique advantages. The bottom line is that waders are meant to keep anglers comfortable and dry so they can enjoy their favorite pastime longer.

Canvas waders are most like rubber with more toughness. They tend to be a little warmer, a bit heavier and stiffer all depending on how well they have been insulated. Most of the time canvas waders tend to last longer than other types of waders.

Rubber waders are stiffer, less comfortable and heavy. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a fun fishing trip, since they also lack breathability. They may make you sweat, but there are still positive aspects that make rubber waders a great choice. Consider that they are easy to repair and patch, they’re tough and relatively inexpensive and rubber waders are perfect for anglers on a budget.

When comfort truly counts breathable waders are an idea choice. They are comfy, lightweight and will wick sweat away so you aren’t left feeling damp by the end of a fishing trip. Being breathable means, they are not meant to keep you warm, but they can be paired with wading pants or other base layers so they work just fine in colder water flows during winter, spring and autumn.

One of the most popular types of waders today are neoprene waders. This type of wader is essentially made from the same materials as wetsuits. You can choose from a range of thickness from 3.5 to 5 millimeters or more. The wader wall itself is of a greater thickness providing more insulation, durability and weight. Patches are used for easy repairs or you can use Aqua-seal as well as other leak-stopping products.

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