What You Should Know About Golfing In The United States And All Throughout The World


Golfing has been around since the dawn of time – or at the very least, it feels that way. As a matter of fact, the game of golf first came into being as many as 500 years in our past, when it was first developed in the country of Scotland. Since then, of course, it has spread all throughout the world and can be found in many different countries – even, perhaps, in the ones that you might not expect. For instance, it is the city of Morococha, Peru that boasts the highest golf course in the world. This golf course, which can be found at the Tactu Golf Club, is still even 14,335 feet above sea level even at its very lowest point.

Of course, golf has long been popular all throughout the United States as well. After all, there were already well over 1,000 different golf clubs in this one country alone by the time that we had reached the year of 1900. And in the more than a century that has transpired since, this number has only continued to grow, as have the numbers of people playing golf. Recent data even backs this up, showing that more than two million people played golf for the first time in the year of 2015 alone. Many of these people have continued to play golf in the years that have followed since as well. Nowadays, it is quite likely to see a golf club in just about every single community, if not even more than one. Golfing is, after all, the ideal activity for a number of different reasons.

For one thing, golf can be a very social activity. Going to a golf club is common for more than just playing golf. You might go to enjoy dinner with friends, to swim in the golf club pool, and even just to catch up with friends. Golfing itself is something that is often done in the company of others as well and is therefore hugely important. Golf can also champion a number of social causes, as can professional golfers. In its entirety as a sport, golf alone will generate more than $3.5 billion for charitable giving over the course of just one single year alone. Without golf, therefore, there would be many causes that would be far less well funded, something that in and of itself could have a largely negative impact in the lives of many people.

Going golfing is also a great way to get up and moving, especially when you consider the fact that a typical 18 whole golf course can cover as many as 150 acres of land – and 125 acres of land at the very, very least. This means that going out for a game of golf will require a good deal of walking around, something that can benefit us all. Many of us, after all, are simply just not getting the recommended amount of exercise. As a matter of fact, only around 5% of the American public (of American adults, to be just a bit more exact). And less than half of all adults are getting the recommended weekly amount of exercise, something that likely coincides with the fact that far too many adults (up to two third of them) are outside of the realm of being at a healthy weight.

Even a home golf simulator can be beneficial for getting enough exercise. And using a top golf simulator will certainly also help you to better your game of golf for when you can get to an actual golf course. For people with busy lives, the golf simulator can prove a useful tool. A golf simulator can also be used by anyone who takes golf very seriously indeed. Even if you play golf in a more casual way, a home golf simulator can help you to get a little physical activity into your day. Rain or shine, a high definition golf simulator can be utilized – and at all times of year as well. Winter is made better with a home golf simulator, of this there is very little doubt.

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