4 Reasons Playing Hockey is Good for Your Health


How to make a backyard ice rink

Statistics show that the United States has nearly 500 outdoor ice hockey rinks. You certainly don’t need to visit one of these rinks to experience this great sport. Many people build their own back yard ice rink for unlimited games and practice sessions. In 2014, the number of people ice skating totaled up to nearly 10.65 million. It’s understandable to wonder what effects playing hockey has on your health. Here are four health benefits associated with playing hockey.

  1. Perfect Form of Cardiovascular Exercise

    You’ll find that hockey is a sport that has players moving up and down an ice rink. Many sports, including hockey, are known to help improve your endurance. Having more endurance is a great sign of overall cardiovascular health which decreases the risk for heart disease. It’s beneficial to take part in any activity that reduces heart disease, a disease known to be fatal.
  2. Increases Muscle Size and Definition

    An important part of playing hockey is hitting the puck. It might not seem like it take much effort but each time you’re swinging a hockey stick, you’re building muscle. In addition, hockey is great for strengthening your core, due to the movements you’ll be performing. Regularly playing hockey on a home ice rink is similar to getting a great workout in the gym.
  3. Enhances Overall Coordination

    Hockey is a game that requires fast movements and staying on your feet. Playing hockey works well at ensuring your coordination is being worked on. One aspect of playing hockey is always watching for where the puck goes, improving your hand to eye coordination. Certain people will have a back yard ice rink created to get further develop coordination skills. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of back supplies including ice rink liners.
  4. Great Mood Booster

    Whether you play indoors or in a back yard ice rink, a game of hockey is fun. When you are playing a sport, you’re commonly part of a team. You’ll find that the simple act of being active works well to reduce feelings of depression. Many people will take breaks from the game in order to talk together which can further increase your happiness and sense of belonging. It feels great to be included in a game of hockey, especially if you’re on the team that wins. You’ll find playing hockey improves your mood to the point you want to have a backyard ice rink on your property.

In summary, there are several health benefits associated with playing hockey. Many people play hockey because it is an amazing form of cardiovascular exercise. You’ll find that hockey works to increase building new muscle. Playing the game of hockey requires a good eye and fast reflexes, skills that someone develops through repeated games. Taking part is group sports is a fun activity shown to reduce feelings of depression, making you feel happier.

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