How Tactical Gear Saves Lives


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The normal, average citizen might not think at all about the benefits of tactical gear in their everyday life. Thankfully, in America, the average citizen isn’t someone whose life will require the use of tactical body armor clothing whenever they step into their office for a work day.

For law enforcement, on the other hand, tactical gear is something that is becoming more and more important while on the job. Police officers face a real danger of being shot every day they go out onto the streets to protect and serve their communities. The very nature of their job often entails putting themselves in harm’s way and putting their very lives on the line.

The leading cause of on the job deaths for police officers is motor vehicle crashes. With high-speed pursuits sometimes leading to wrecks of many different kinds, it is no wonder that this tops the list. The second leading cause of death for officers over the last ten years has been the gunshot. Officers all around the country are at risk for this tragedy, and tactical gear is what has kept the number of deaths from rising.

Bad guys with guns are out to kill what they shoot. If a police officer is getting in the way of a criminal with a gun, that criminal will use that gun to try and kill that officer. Thankfully, tactical gear is getting better all the time. It is being made with the best and latest materials to protect police officers, FBI agents, and other law enforcement teams that protect our streets.

When officers take a gunshot to the torso, that gunshot is 3.4 times more likely to be fatal when armor vests are not worn. Over the past three decades, armor vests have saved more than 3,000 lives of law enforcement officials. Body armor for law enforcement is much lighter than it used to be, much more flexible, and is easier to wear than in years past. Every year new materials and new designs help law enforcement officials do their job in the best way possible while remaining safer.

According to data that the government provides on police officers and other law enforcement officials, there have been over 60,000 assaults on police officers over the past decade. Now, more than ever, police officers need protection. The bad guys are always going to be the bad guys, so tactical gear is always going to be worn by the good guys.

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