Why Soccer Coaching Camps Are So Much Fun for Kids


How to teach soccer to kids

Soccer is the most popular game in the world and it’s fast catching on in the U.S. as well. It’s hard to think of a simpler way for a group of youngsters to have so much fun. Boys and girls alike love the excitement, the chance to run around with their friends, and the thrill of developing their skills. Scoring goals or making brilliant plays is just the icing on the cake. For parents wondering how to teach soccer to kids, soccer camp in the summer is a great idea.

Soccer: the game
The game of soccer has been around since 1863. It was first played by recognizably modern rules in England, where it’s called football. In fact, most of the world calls it football, the U.S. being one of the few holdouts. Here, it’s called soccer to avoid confusion with American Football, which is, as they say, a whole different ball game.
Soccer had eleven players to a side. Players are allowed to use their legs, head, and torso to handle and pass the ball. The purpose is to score as many goals as possible. As the game moves up and down the field, players may cover as much as five to seven miles running during a single game. Each game lasts for ninety minutes, and involves running, walking, sprinting, and jumping. It’s also a good way for kids to learn about strategy, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Preparing for the game
With all the running around and competitive excitement, its no wonder that soccer is a favorite with kids all around the world. Players of any age should always warm up before a game, to avoid injuries. The warm up can consist of five to ten minutes of light aerobic activity, which should be followed by dynamic stretching.
Soccer camps and soccer programs are a great resource for parents wondering how to teach soccer to kids. The camps can last 6-8 weeks and provide intense soccer coaching and training to improve skills. Coaches and teammates create a motivational environment immersed in soccer culture.

Catch ?em young
Soccer training works on the principle of catching them young. The number of soccer players in the U.S. has been growing and is estimated to be around 284,000 high school boys and 209,000 girls. Summer camps are a popular way how to teach kids to play soccer. Kids especially enjoy enjoy attending camps with their friends and making new friends there.
Talented kids can even get scholarships. There are about 433 soccer scholarships for boys and 806 for girls. Coaches and recruiters regularly attend soccer camps and tours. These can be a good way to catch their attention.

For parents whose kids have caught the soccer big and who are wondering how to teach soccer to kids, summer camps are a fun way for them to learn the skills and immerse themselves in the culture of soccer.

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