5 Swing Mistakes Many New Golfers Make


The game of golf has certainly been around for a long time. Beginning in Scotland, this game was first played nearly 500 years ago. Since this time, golf has remained an extremely popular sport and hobby for many people. However, many golfers find that they have problems with swinging their respective clubs. With that in mind, here are five swing mistakes you’ll want to avoid making.

  • Choosing the Wrong Club

    One of the most important tips to remember while playing golf is to choose the right club. Many people playing this game, will understandably choose a driver while hitting off the tee. It makes sense that the driver would be chosen, it’s the club capable of sending your golf ball the longest distance. In fact, statistics gathered from Arccos in 2017 found that the average driving distance was 220 yards. That being said, drivers need to be used when you have a lot of green in front of you. Always choosing the driver for your first swing can sacrifice control for power. Therefore, choose a wood or iron instead of the driver while playing off of tricky tee shots.
  • Swinging as Hard as You Can

    It’s understandably important to avoid hitting a ball short. That being said, this doesn’t mean you need to swing your clubs as hard as possible. Many new golfers have been the target of laughter while trying to swing a club with all of their might. In addition to likely missing your shot, you also risk pulling muscles throughout your body. Nothing can end a game of golf faster than suffering a painful injury while playing. It’s important to remember that the chance of getting two holes in one in a single round of golf are 67 million to 1. Considering that, you’ll find that your entire game gets better when you stop focusing on always hitting with immense power.
  • Hitting with Your Legs

    Another mistake many make while taking a golf swing is to move their legs. While a pivoted foot adds power to a driver shot, you don’t need to do this for every swing you take. You’ll find that iron, wedge, and putting shots work better without moving your legs. Keeping the legs steady is an important skill while taking low power shots that help to give you more control. Save swinging your legs for when it’s time to take a tee shot.
  • Failing to Detect Wind Speeds

    It might seem odd but many problems related to your swing can be solved by gauging the wind speed around you. Many new golfers are so eager to swing their clubs, they forget to read wind speeds. While you might think that holding your thumb to the wind can gauge these speeds, there are easier ways to accomplish this goal. The next time you’re about to swing, look at the trees around you. If only smaller branches are moving, you’re likely dealing with slower wind speeds. On the other hand, thicker branches being blown by the wind means speeds are higher.
  • Not Getting Enough Practice

    Many golfers find they’re unable to get enough practice. If you’re tired of having poor results while golfing, consider looking into home golf simulators. These simulators allow you to practice properly swinging a golf club in the privacy of your own home. Best of all, you don’t have to continually pay expensive golf course fees in order to perfect your game.

In closing, there are several mistakes you can make while swinging a golf club. You’ll need to continually practice in order to correct these mistakes. If you’re looking for a great way to practice your swing, use a home golf simulator. Rather than using a controller to play a video game, simulators involve the use of real clubs. In turn, you receive real practice that you can use the next time to play a round of golf.

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