A Look At The Boating Industry In The United States


From pontoon boats for sale to used boats for sale, boating has become not only an increasingly popular sport in the United States, but a well loved leisure activity as well. Many people see boating – and all that you can do when you go boating, such as fishing and swimming among a number of other activities – to be the ideal way to spend time with their friends and their families and loved ones, especially during the hot summer months. With the vast majority of every person in the United States (as much as ninety five percent in total) living within an hour’s drive to a navigable body of water, pontoon boats for sale and other types of boats for sale are becoming more utilized than ever before as more and more people pick up boating as a hobby and past time.

Part of this is due to the fact that boating is now viewed as more affordable to the general population of the United States. Boating was once thought of as a hobby only for the wealthy and, in the case of grand yachts and other massive boats, this might still be the case. But overall, it is far from the truth. In fact, boating as a hobby and a past time is most popular among the middle class of the United States, with more than seventy percent of all boaters taking in an average total household income of one hundred thousand dollars or less per year. And while many of these people are certainly stable financially speaking, they are surely far from wealthy. But this means that boating has become more accessible to the everyday person, and that it will continue to do so in the years to come.

The increase in boating can not only be seen in the increase in sales of pontoon boats for sale, but in other areas of the industry as well. For instance, the sales of boats in the United States as well as the sales of marine products and services reached a total revenue of thirty seven billion dollars in 2016 alone, climbing up by about three percent. And by the time that 2018, the current year, has drawn to a close, the same amount of growth is expected to have happened again. Just the sale of new boats, such as pontoon boats for sale (among many other varieties of boats offered here in the United States, where as many as ninety five percent of all of our boats have been made right here, on United States’ soil), has increased by as much as ten to eleven percent since 2016, generating an additional nearly eight and a half billion dollars in 2016 alone. The sale of power boats has been particularly lucrative, and has seen an increase in sales by as much as seven percent within this same time frame.

But once you’ve decided that you want to become a part of the boating lifestyle, you must decide on what type of boat it is that you are interested in. If you are like most of Americans who partake in boating, it is likely that you will be looking to choose a smaller boat. This is show by the data, which has found that as much as ninety five percent of all boats in the United States are less than twenty six feet long in total. This is in part because it makes the boats easier to transport, allowing the owners of said boats to hook them up to their vehicles and travel with them, a necessity for many people. Smaller boats, such as pontoon boats for sale, are also likely to be considerably cheaper than the more larger models that are currently available.

If you are interested in boating but don’t have much experience, talking to a boat dealer can help. A boat dealer can show you everything from pontoon boats for sale to used boats for sale, and can help you to make the right choice not only for you budget, but for your lifestyle as well. Pontoon boats for sale are cost effective.

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