Are You Planning a Big Fourth of July Celebration at the Lake?


This is one of those months when the stacks of marine carpet squares have been flying off the shelf. With day after day of rain, in fact, the standing joke is that people are spending more time repairing and improving their boats than they are spending out on the water. It seems like every couple of years you get a rainy cycle that seems to wipe out most of the good boating weekends. The people who have the luxury of getting out on the water on Monday through Friday have a great time, but the weekend boaters spend their time installing new boat carpet just waiting for the clouds to break.

Marine carpet sales are an important part of the economy in any place near a lake. Whether it is during the colder months of winter or during the rainy weekends when no one is out on the water, marine carpet sales are one part of the boating upkeep and accessory industry.
A Fun Weekend at the Lake Involves a Lot of Behind the Scene Planning

If you own a lake house then you understand the work that goes into making sure that everyone has a good time when they come to visit. To making sure that the boat is in working order to purchasing an aqua mat for the non boaters, a day at the lake requires attention to many details. Friends and family who are invited to be guests, however, do not always understand all of the maintenance that is required when it comes to a lake house, boats, and other water recreational vehicles:

  • More than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating today.
  • Currently, there are 49.81 million fishermen and anglers in the U.S.
  • 95% of all Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water.
  • 95% of the boats on the water in the U.S. are 26 feet or less, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).
  • The average annual expense of boat maintenance and use costs about 10% of the purchase price of the vessel.

Even if you have a rainy day at the lake this weekend, there is probably plenty of work that you can accomplish to make sure that the boat is ready to go when the weather finally cooperates.

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