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Human beings have always had a close relationship to water, and boats of all sorts have existed for millennia. Boats have been used for fishing, trading, and exploring the four corners of the world. Today, Americans love to rent or privately own boats such as pontoon boats or speed boats, and there’s almost always a coast or lake nearby to take a dip in. Today, the marine and boating industry is a strong one, and more Americans than ever before are showing an interest in visiting pontoon dealers to get their first boat. More young adults are getting into boating, and premier pontoon dealers will have some fine deals to offer. Pontoon boat parts and accessories may be found at these retailers or online too, in case a boat needs repairs or upgrading. What might a customer expect at pontoon dealers, and how large has the industry become?

Americans and Boating

It is safe to say that this industry is stronger than ever, and many Americans already have their own boats for fishing or other recreation. As of 2016, for a fairly recent example, around 981,600 pre-owned boats were sold across the United States, which added up to $9.2 billion in sales. And in that same year, around 11.9 million registered private boats were found in the nation, and more and more younger buyers are looking for boats, too. Around 141.6 million Americans went boating that year, young and old. Recently, young adults such as the Millennials have entered the boating market seriously, and this is a trend that marketers pay close attention to. The Millennials, those in their mid 20s to mid 30s, are now wealthy enough to start making major life purchases such as cars and houses. This includes boats too, and marketing to them may be a fine idea among pontoon dealers. Experts such as the National Marine Manufacturers Association predict growth in boat sales in the coming years, and this may certainly include Millennial buyers who want pontoon boats or speed boats. What can these vehicles offer?

The Boats

Speed boats may be found at many retailers, even pontoon dealers as a side item, and they are known for water sports. These boats are narrower than pontoon boats but can go faster, and they often create wakes that are ideal for the sports of wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Both of those sports involve an athlete hanging onto a rope and handlebar that the boat drags along, and the boat’s wake is ideal for surfing on or using for jet skis of a sort. Ever since the late 1980s or so, these sports have been widely popular across the United States, especially in Florida and California.

Pontoon boats, meanwhile, are best for more relaxed excursions on a body of water. These boats are slower than speed boats and don’t create the same wakes, but they have wide bodies with a lot of features. These boats have chairs, couches, and even small tables, making them a fine choice for a party or picnic right there on the water. These boats are also great for fishing, as they provide ample room for the fisher(s) and live capture buckets or tackle boxes. Guard rails make sure that no one is falling off the boat and into the water. Pontoon boats often have awnings on them as well to block strong sun rays or sudden rain.

Buy the Boat

Someone who visits pontoon dealers near them may have some options among different boat models, which vary in size and features. Boats may also be bought new or used, like cars, and there are distinct advantages for each route. A new boat costs the most, but it will have modern standards of power, features, and safety, plus the factory warranty. A used boat may have a steeply discounted price, but it should be inspected and taken for a test ride first. Used boats should be checked for cracks or leaks in the hull, and the motor should be tested for any performance issues that it may have. Some repairs are worth it, though. Old boat carpeting can be easily torn up, and the buyer can get new carpeting from a marine supply store and place it on the boat.

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