How to Plan a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Any Time of the Year


While there might be a certain time of the year deemed as “wedding season,” there is no reason why you can’t have your dream wedding any time of the year! Many women dream of having a beautiful outdoor ceremony or reception outside. You can do this any time of the year, whether it be fall, spring, summer, or winter. It all just takes a little bit of planning!

With the right time, help, and patience, you can have a wonderful outdoor wedding. The best part is that it can be done with any budget that you have! Whether you’re planning a smaller, more intimate wedding in a backyard or small property, or you want to have a large ceremony on the beach, you can have that dream outdoor wedding by following these steps!

1. Determine your budget

As with any wedding, whether it be indoor, outdoor, or destination, the first step is to ensure that you have your budget set up. You need to decide with your partner how much you would like to spend, and how much you both can afford. You can also factor in contributions from friends and family members if there are any, and that can help you get a better idea of how much you can actually spend on your wedding. From there, you will have to decide where you would like to allocate your funds. These different categories include food and drink, wedding venues, decorations, invitations, photographers, and other important aspects of your dream wedding!

2. Think about your wedding venues

This is one of the most important categories (other than the bride’s dress!) that will have to be thought about for your wedding planning. If you know you want an outdoor wedding, you know you can cross out party room rentals and banquet halls. Instead, you will want to opt for outdoor wedding venues like private properties with large backyards, beachside venues, large hotels that are oceanfront or offer a lake view, and other beautiful outdoor wedding venues like parks and gardens.

3. What kind of wedding rentals will you need?

Depending on when you plan your wedding, you might want to think about putting up a large tent with tables and chairs. In the rainy months, it might be best to try and have a tent in case it rains. The same can be said for very warm days, when it might be very uncomfortable for guests to sit outside without shade. By investing in tents, tables, and chairs, you can offer your guests more comfort. Different rental companies also have the option to drape fabric behind the chairs and really make your wedding venue look beautiful! Be sure to talk to them or your wedding planner about your design ideas and they can bring it to life!

Outdoor weddings are beautiful ways to celebrate your love for your partner! Whether it is fall, spring, summer or winter, anyone can bring their dream outdoor wedding to life with just a little bit of planning.

What seasons would you choose for an outdoor wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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