Bring the Fun and Magic Home With a Backyard Ice Rink


Homemade ice skating rink

Ice skating is an essential part of winter fun – the cold, the ice, the speed, the music, lights, and hot chocolate. For families with young hockey players, time at the rink is golden. Like many other people, you?ve probably wished you could bring the ice skating rink home so the fun doesn?t have to stop. Actually, you can bring all the fun and magic home if you know how to make a homemade ice rink. There?s a hard and an easy way to do this, and we recommend the easy way, which is to buy a rink in a box, with everything you need to make a winter playland for your family.

Who needs a backyard ice rink?
If you love ice skating, have young kids who play hockey, or just enjoy winter sports, you need to learn how to make a homemade ice rink. As of 2014, the total number of ice skaters in the country was around 10.65 million. When you?re at the local ice skating rink, it can feel like you?re sharing the rink with all of them. Making your own private back yard ice rink gives you all the fun and magic, and plenty of space to get creative.
For families with young hockey players, practice is important. With your own backyard skating rink, you don?t have to rush them to practice, and they can take as long as the like to get the moves just right. Plus, a backyard skating rink is great for parties and winter get togethers. Just make sure there?s plenty of hot chocolate.

How to make a homemade ice rink
All you need is some some space in your backyard, a tarp or liner, and something to hold the water. But it?s even easier if you get a complete home ice rink kit, complete with tarps, liners, boards and brackets to keep it all together. They even come with resurfacers, lights and goalposts for proper practice or a game or two.
It?s best to set up backyard ice rinks while the weather is still warm, so you can set up the tarps, boards, brackets etc while it?s still comfortable to be working outdoors. Once it freezes, all you have to do is to flood the rink, and wake up the next morning to an inviting expanse of ice.

Family and fun time
You?ll find your backyard rink opens up all kinds of possibilities, giving you more ways of spending your family time in fun and healthy pursuits. You might find it hard to believe, but more than two thirds, or 67% of American teens actually say that they would like to spend more time with their parents.
Skating is also healthy aerobic exercise, and makes the perfect substitute for those who don?t enjoy spending time on pointless rowing machines or treadmills. Aerobic exercise is improves cardiovascular endurance and reduces the risk for heart disease. Heart disease is in fact the number one killer disease, taking around 800,000 lives in 2011, according to statistics from the CDC. So when you organize your holiday or New Years parties around your skating rink, you?re ensuring a fun and healthy event for your friends and family.

Once you?ve figure out how to make a homemade ice rink, the only thing is to find enough time to enjoy your homemade ice rink. With a backyard ice rink kit, you?re making sure that winter will be a fun and healthy time for you and your family.

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