Why You Should Go Hog Hunting


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You might not know it, but America’s woods and fields are full of feral hogs. There is normally no closed season on hog hunting, and there are a lot of good reasons to head out on a single hog hunt. Here are four of them:

  1. Hogs are really destructive. According to USDA estimates, feral hogs are running around causing $1.5 billion in national damages. They infect our water with diseases, tear down the land around our water sources, and destroy our crops. And they’re everywhere. In Oklahoma alone, wild pigs have been spotted in all 77 counties across the state. Not only do these hogs destroy resources humans rely on, but they also do harm to other species and their habitats as well. They are an invasive species, having been introduced to America 500 years ago by Spanish conquistadors. A single hog hunt could well save an entire local turkey population, as well as protect a lot of little fawns.
  2. Hogs are really delicious. You won’t regret going boar hunting once you get a taste for wild boar. It’s leaner than pork and has a far superior flavor. Wild hogs are also never exposed to the kinds of hormones that domestic pigs can be laced with. Go on a single hog hunt and you could be enjoying a lot of delicious wild pork that a fancy restaurant would be charging you an arm and a leg to eat.
  3. Hogs are really fun to hunt. When you think about dangerous animals in North America, you probably first think about bears, cougars, or maybe alligators. But pigs are every bit as much an adventure to hunt. Almost 15.5 million Americans go hunting, and more of them should be out on hog hunting trips.
  4. Hogs are really convenient to hunt. Unlike a lot of other game animals, feral swine can be hunted at any time of the year. They destroy so much that it’s almost always open season on hogs anywhere in the country. And whatever you like to hunt with you can almost certainly use it on hogs. Crossbows, handguns, shotguns, rifles: all are perfectly capable of hunting pigs if the person handling them knows what they’re doing.

There are more reasons to go hunting for boar, but even if you’re not a seasoned hunter you can find wild boar hunting trips that will let you have some fun, get some experience, and even help the country out with all those destructive swine.

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