Do You Have a Softball or Baseball Player Who Needs a Little More Batting Confidence?


Four years ago you never would have imagined all of the opportunities your oldest daughter would have just because she played softball. It was through this lens, however, that your daughter found the small liberal arts college where she would not only have a great softball career, but also earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology. That degree has put her on the fast track to an accelerated nursing program that will have her working as a registered nurse just five years after she graduated high school.

Sure, there are some high school graduates who enter the nursing field in only four years, but your daughter did not know this would be her plan. Originally she started working toward a biology degree thinking that she would go to occupational therapy school. The idea to become a nurse practitioner came later. During those four years of going to classes and playing softball your daughter has had leadership roles and made important connections for her future. Who knew that all those years ago when you were helping her at batting practice with rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats that this would be the result.

Sports Can Provide a Number of Opportunities for Both High School and College Athletes

From being team captain and serving on student led conference committees, there are plenty of advantages that a high school athlete can have if they decide to continue to play in college. The fact of the matter is, however, the chance of becoming a college athlete any any level decreases if you do not get the right start. Whether it is a parent finding you the rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats that can help you gain the confidence to develop your swing or it is a coach who takes the extra time to find you the right team for the next year, there is often a lot of behind the scene work in the lives of many athletes.
Knowing the nuances of a sport, for instance, can make all the difference. Did you know, for example, that shaved bats do not do well in cold temperatures? Knowing tis can help you maximize a young athletes time in the batting cages. Remembering to only use a shaved bat if it is warmer than 65 degrees outside helps a young athlete get the most out of every practice minute.

Baseball bat shaving and rolling are techniques that are not used in a game, but are effective practicing approaches. The knowledge about bat shaving services and the best uses for rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats can help a athletes not only have great seasons on the field, but also open doors to many advantages off the field as well.

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