Many Different Types of Boats Including the Entertaining Pontoon Boat for Sale


Boat dealers are able to provide either a specific type of boats or they may provide a wide array of new and used boats for sale. Additionally, there are private locations to find a pontoon boat for sale, often when these searches can be completed in many different online search engines. Millions of boats are on the water in the U.S., with continual growth in the boating industry. Most Americans live within 100 miles of some body of water, allowing boat dealerships with many different choices for location.

Boat Dealers and Many Types of Boats including the Pontoon Boat for Sale

While customers may look for a pontoon boat for sale to enjoy the summer recreational season on the water, there are many different boats for sale among boat dealerships across the country and around the world. While the boat sales industry growth was already over $8 billion in 2016, it continues to grow approximately 10% each year. That means there is much to gain for boat dealerships who have quality boats to place on the market. Some of these different boat dealers are able to sell the following:

  • Powerboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Canoes
  • Ski boats

The growth of the boating industry means that the amount of new and used boat sales will increase as well. It is great to know that annual boat sales are already recorded to be at least $37 billion. With the large portion of the American population who live so close to navigable bodies of water, roughly 95%, there is room for many more boat purchases and rentals in the future.

The American Boating Industry

Americans run a majority of the boats traveling the water powered by engines. There is so much about the boating industry that is powerful, from 95% of small boats that continually make their way up and down our lakes and rivers, and that same amount manufactured here in the U.S. Therefore, American boating is practically a 100% American industry. Whether it includes used boats for sale, sea doo dealers, or other recreational water vehicles, there is much to be seen in the future. Looking at what our nation already has on the water, there is much to see in the industry of boats for sale:

  1. Over 87 million Americans enjoy recreational boating.
  2. As of 2016, about $3.6 billion recreational boats sold in the U.S.
  3. More than 15 million are currently used in the United States.

Now, there is also the reason to view the different types of boats that are out on the water. With the relaxation and enjoyment of pontoon boats, there are also many others to enjoy the extreme activity on the water. Excitement and power are supplied by many of our automobiles, and the boats we ride on the water can do so as well. There is so much about the boating industry that is powerful, including the 95% of boats in the U.S. were manufactured nationally and those that travel up and down our American bodies of water.

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