Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Started With Fly Fishing


Fly fishing is a recreational activity enjoyed by many people of all ages across the United States. Fly fishing is distinguished from regular fishing by the use of lighter fishing lures, and the fact that fly fishermen stand out in the middle of a stream or river while they fish. People with any level of fishing skill, from beginner to expert, can go fly fishing, but you’ll need some equipment in order to get properly started. This article will provide a brief overview of the equipment and items you’ll need to get started with fly fishing.

  • Fly Rod: The first item you’ll need to get started with fly fishing is a fly rod. It doesn’t matter if it’s a discount fly rod or a customized fly rod, you’ll need one for fly fishing because it’s specially made for this type of fishing. Fly fishing rods are longer and more flexible than regular fishing rods, because they’re made to “flick” the lure a great distance away from where you’re standing.
  • Fly Fishing Tackle Bag: Another item you’ll need for fly fishing is a fly fishing tackle bag. This is a bag that can hold your fly fishing lures, extra reels, extra discount fly rods, and other pieces of fly fishing equipment that you want to take with you while you’re on your fishing trip. Fly Fishing Tackle Bags come in several sizes and styles, and can vary depending on what you want to take with you.
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  • Fly Fishing Outfits: Another thing you will need for fly fishing is at least one proper fly fishing outfit. Fly fishing, as said before, is somewhat different from other forms of fishing because it involves standing in a stream or river while you fish, which can mean you might be standing in fairly deep water at times. Because of this, a fly fishing outfit, at minimum, would have to include wading boots and waterproof coveralls to keep the bottom half of your body dry and warm while you are fly fishing. Some like to include thermal clothing as well, especially if they’re fly fishing in cold water, but that depends on the individual person.

In conclusion, there are several items you’ll need to have to get started with fly fishing. First you’ll need a fly rod, whether it’s a discount fly rod or a custom fly rod doesn’t matter. You’ll also need a fly fishing tackle bag to hold any tackle, lures, extra reels, or other equipment that you’ll need during your fishing trip. And finally, you will need to have a proper fly fishing outfit to wear so you can keep your body warm and dry while you’re standing and fly fishing in a river or stream. These are the bare essentials you will need to get started with fly fishing, though you can certainly get more if you want to.

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