Fishing Smart Means Getting Good Equipment Using A Live Bait Cooler To Protect Your Catch


A successful fishing trip is composed of many different parts. It’s not unlike a tackle box in that regard.

Do you have the right lures and bait to get a few prime catches? What about spare lines and a cooling box to keep your hard-earned effort fresh? Before you head out to your favorite campsite this year, consider the benefits of upgrading your equipment. A live bait cooler will provide you that happy balance between peace-of-mind and effective storage…no matter how much or how little you catch. They come in several sizes and offer a plethora of small, yet significant additions.

Let’s take apart the live bait cooler and find out which one will suit your fishing lifestyle best.

Today’s Camping Statistics And Trends

What is it about camping that gets millions flocking to their favorite campsites time after time? Just look at the beautiful weather and endless opportunities to fish. A recent study found half of all campers identifying their ‘great love for the outdoors’ for sparking their interest in camping or fishing. While the majority of new campers still prefer tents, a significant chunk will turn instead to cabins or RVs on their free time. Millennials and Gen Xers now make up three-quarters of all campers, with the former adding up to 40%.

Addressing Your Common Fishing Concerns

Everyone will bring different concerns to the table when it comes to fishing. Some are worried about being able to catch anything at all, while others are frustrated at mediocre bait coolers. Today up to 60% of campers stay within 100 miles of home, both to save on gas and transporting their catch. If you’re one of the many that could use more flexibility, beefing up your equipment is the way to go. A soft sided cooler — or hard cooler — will make sure the fish doesn’t spoil on the way back.

The Basics Of Any Good Tackle Box

Before we look into the varieties of fridge freezers out there, let’s take a look at what equipment you should always have on hand. Your tackle box is your one-stop shop for fishing, comprised of all the tools needed to get you a good catch. You should have different fishing lures, bait, hooks, spare line, and bags. For those that fish on a more regular basis, a live bait cooler is an ideal addition. Nothing is more demoralizing than finding out you can’t even show off or cook what you’ve caught.

Adding A Live Bait Cooler To The Mix

It’s best not to risk the freshness of your fish. The live bait cooler is your first line of defense against spoilage and insects, both of which can turn your fish into a health hazard right under your nose. The soft sided cooler are a little easier to store thanks to their flexible design, ideal if you’re just starting out or don’t catch fish often. The hard sided cooler, on the other hand, is sturdier and can also hold additional items. Either way, simply picking one will expand your options tenfold than if you went at it unequipped.

Benefits Of Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

You’re eager to grab your fishing rod and head out to the river, but you’re not sure if you have the right equipment. Take a few minutes this week to look over your stash and see what’s missing. Portable fridge freezers are a great way to expand your horizons as a fisher. They provide you the means of keeping your fish fresh and ready by the time you get back, allowing you peace-of-mind if you want to linger at your spot a few hours longer. Store a few beers in your hard cooler while you’re at it and invite some friends along for the ride.

Fish well. Fish right. Enjoy the summer heat with a live bait cooler by your side.

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