Looking At The Growing Popularity Of Boating And Other Outdoor Recreational Activities In The United States


There are many recreational activities that people all throughout the United States participate in, and many of them occur outdoors (especially during parts of the year where warmer weather is the norm). Boating is one such activity, with very nearly 90 million people taking part in recreational boating over the course of just one single year here in the United States alone. In the years that are to follow, this number is likely to remain high.

And when it comes to recreational boating, many people are even interested in owning their own boats. As of the current date, there are at least 15 million boats owned throughout the country, making it not uncommon in the slightest for the typical household to own a boat. This is even compounded by the fact that recreational boating is largely considered to be a recreational activity as well. After all, more than 70% (around 72%, to be just a bit more exact) of all people who partake in boating fall into the classification of middle class. This means that their household does not make more than $100,000 over the course of a single year – and sometimes even significantly less than that. Boats for sale can be found at all price points, something that makes boating more widely accessible than ever (especially when coupled with the fact that more than 95% of all people in this country actually live within an hour’s drive, if not far less, of at least one navigable body of water, if not more).

And the revenue surrounding boats for sale including the used boat for sale is on the rise. As a matter of fact, this revenue for boats for sale reached and exceeded $3.5 billion in the year of 2016 alone. In the years that have followed, even more boats for sale have been sold. From fishing boats for sale to pontoon boats for sale, there are many popular boats for sale out there, of this there is very little doubt. And more and more people are becoming invested in looking at boats for sale and even in getting their own boat for sale. If you’re looking to save money, used boats for sale also present a viable option, as these used boats for sale are still often in very good condition – and significantly discounted when put in comparison next to brand new boats for sale.

Of course, boating is far from the only outdoor recreational activity commonly participated in here in the United States (and elsewhere in the world). For example, snowmobiling has also become immensely popular in many regions, particularly during the winter months. The data that has been gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. This data shows that more than 100,000 snowmobiles sold all throughout the world within the course of just one year – more than 50,000 here in the United States alone and more than 40,000 in our country to the north, Canada. This means that now more than one million snowmobiles are currently registered within the United States and just over half of a million in Canada, impressive numbers for both countries, to say the least.

And snowmobile usage has a considerable impact on our economy as well, largely one that is quite hugely positive. Once again, the data that has been gathered on the situation is more than in support of this claim, showing that the industry gives back around $26 billion here in the United States all on a yearly basis. In Canada, about $8 billion is added to the economy as a result of snowmobiling. And even countries like Russia and countries within Europe can get as much as $5 billion added to the country’s economy as a result of snowmobiling.

At the end of the day, there are a great many recreational activities to partake in here in the United States. Ultimately, boating and snowmobiling are just two of them – but they are two that are hugely important and significant in our country as well as in a number of other countries – if not many countries – that can be found all throughout the world.

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