Taking A Look At Recreational Boating In The United States


Boating is a fun activity for many people here in the United States. After all, what’s better than spending a day out in the summer sun, out on the water, and with people that you care about? For a great many people in America, a day out on the lake, especially during the summer season, is a perfect day spent indeed. Spending a day out on the lake is something that a great many people enjoy, for that matter, thanks to the fact that as many as 87 million Americans actually take part in recreational boating on a yearly basis.

This might come as a surprise to hear, but recreational boating is actually more highly accessible than many people might think. As a matter of fact, even buying a boat is more accessible than many realize. When many people think of boating as a hobby, they might assume that only those who are very well off are able to partake in such an activity. This, however, is far from the case. In fact, very nearly 75% of all boaters could be considered to be middle class or even below, making less than $100,000 as a total household income per year. And boating is accessible due to location as well, as up to 95% of all Americans actually live no more than one single hour from at least one navigable body of water, if not more than one.

Buying the right boat for sale, however, is a must. For most people, a smaller scale boat for sale will be ideal. Not only are larger boats for sale much more expensive, but they are harder to store during the colder parts of the year, often requiring more expensive storage spaces than a small boat for sale would. Fortunately, most boats for sale fall into this smaller range. As many as 95% of all boats for sale actually do not exceed more than 26 feet in length. If you are looking for a boat for sale that you can easily travel with, finding a boat of this size is something of a must, as boats of this size or even smaller will be able to be attached to a motor vehicle and brought to a local body of water in this fashion. If you’re looking at getting a larger boat for sale, it is more unlikely that this will be possible, something that can end up complicating the transfer of your boat.

Fortunately, buying a smaller boat for sale will be easy, especially if you’re looking into getting a pontoon boat for sale. Pontoon boats for sale, after all, tend to be smaller in size. Getting a pontoon boat for sale will be quite easy as well, as pontoon boats are hugely popular all throughout the United States. They are quite ideal for various recreational purposes, thanks to the fact that they can hold up to 11 people (though this is something that might vary depending on the actual pontoon boat for sale in question). However, they do not go very fast, typically only able to reach speeds of just over 30 miles per hour when carrying a single person. And with a full load, a pontoon boat for sale with an engine of 115 hp (which tends to be the standard) will not reach speeds all that higher than 20 miles per hour. But for casual purposes – which most people will be using their boats for – this is typically ideal and not anything to avoid buying a pontoon boat for sale over.

Getting a fishing boat is another great option if you are looking to get a small boat for sale. Fishing boats tend to be even smaller than pontoon boats and can be a great way to participate in a hobby that you love. And fishing can be a truly great way to enjoy some peace in your day to day craziness. Fishing can promote contemplation and patience, two things that a great many of us could certainly benefit from doing more of.

In the time that is ahead of us, boating – particularly recreational boating – is likely to become more and more popular.

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