Quick Facts About the Tactical Gear Keep Our Officers Safe


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Most people know at least one police officer, and if they don’t then they absolutely understand the seriousness of the job duties. Law enforcement officers spend their time making sure that we are safe, and many people want to understand the best ways for our tax dollars to be spent to keep them safe while they are on duty. One of the best types of law enforcement safety gear is body armor. Below are three quick facts about just how important body armor for law enforcement really is:

Gunshot Statistics – In the last 10 years alone, over 30 percent of police officer deaths were caused by gunshots. That makes shootings the second leading cause of law enforcement officer death after car crashes. That statistic is startling and many communities and organizations want to do something to bring the numbers down. One of those things is to provide officers with bulletproof body armor. When an officer is shot in the torso while wearing armor they are three times more likely to survive than officers who are not wearing armor vests.

Body Armor Strength – When talking about bulletproof body armor, the first item people think of is the vest. Incredibly, in the last 30 years, bulletproof vests saved the lives of over 3,000 law enforcement officers; nearly 100 of those officers were in New York City alone. Bulletproof vests are so important to law enforcement safety that over 70% of United States police departments actually require officers to wear them at all times while on duty.

Other Types of Body Armor – Many police departments across America often outfit their officers with other types of body armor. Some examples are: ballistic shields, armor plates, ballistic helmets, and other accessories. Each of these items has its own use in protecting officers and with advancements in technology they are stronger than ever before. Police duty gear is incredibly important to officer safety and if we keep them safe then they can be better at keeping us safe too!

Law enforcement safety is imperative and there are many ways that police departments in this nation are making it a priority. Body armor is just one of those ways, and you can see by the statistics above that it is incredibly valuable. Departments are also focusing on rigorous training scenarios so that our officers are prepared for as much as they can be while on duty. We owe a lot to our officers in blue, the least we can do is make sure their equipment is keeping them as safe as possible.

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