The Right Fishing Equipment Makes Getting Close to Nature More Comfortable


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Fishing isn’t really all about the fish. It’s about getting away from it all, and being near the water. It’s a chance to be outdoors, to relax and unwind, rethink and refresh. It’s also about the company, and friends with whom you can share the silence. It’s about teaching your kids to love the great outdoors and why they must be protected. And then, of course, it’s about the fish. The biggest perch, the trout that fought so hard you had to let him go, the storm that came up off the Florida Keys…the lore and magic of fishing. With the right fishing equipment, you’re prepared for any and all of these adventures.

Gone fishin’
The classic phrase speaks to all the low-key joys of fishing: the chance to get away from it all, to kick back, and do practically nothing for half the day. Fishing and camping are popular American pastimes and many people like to combine the two. Fishing is also a great way of bonding with family, and teaching your kids to love the outdoors.
And then there’s the cooking. Fresh-caught fish frying on a pan balanced on the campfire has got to be one of the most mouthwatering smells in the world. And then there’s something very soul-satisfying about catching your own food. Fish is so healthy that it’s almost a magic food. Plus, it’s good for the brain.
With all these and more beckoning to the outdoor enthusiast, it’s no wonder that camping and fishing are among the most popular holiday pastimes. Altogether, Americans spend around 1.8 billion dollars on camping and fishing equipment, each year.

Why the right fishing equipment matters
Camping is a three-season activity, and people who’ve been bitten by the bug go camping several times a year. In 2012, campers took an average of 4.97 trips each year. Whether you go camping with family of friends, there’s no doubt that having the right camping and fishing equipment can make all the difference.
Fishing can be one of the most relaxing pastimes, unless you happen to find yourself in knee-deep water with leaky boots. Being cold and wet in the great outdoors can be perfectly miserable, and there’s usually a persistent wind just to make matters worse. However, if you’re all fitted out with the right camping and fishing equipment and adventure clothing, you can just take the elements in your stride and even enjoy them.
Most people combine different activities on a camping holiday. Hiking is the most common activity, along with a range of others, including paddle boarding, scuba diving, rock climbing and bouldering.

Getting close to nature
One of the best things about a fishing holiday is that it gets you out there, up close to the world of nature. That’s why fishermen also tend to equally enthusiastic about conserving the environment. Nearly all types of pollution eventually end up in the water and in the fish we eat, endangering our food supply.
Faced with this insidious menace, even fearsome species like sharks are helpless. In fact, statistics show that they are being destroyed at a rate which will lead to their extinction within the next ten to fifteen years.

A fishing trip can last anywhere from one afternoon to one week, but the memories are for ever. The right fishing equipment can make all the difference to your enjoyment of the trip. And no matter how long you’ve been away, it can be a wrench to leave and go back to your daily routine. If you’re like most campers, you’re planning your next trip as soon as you get back.
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